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Parent Resources

Attendance & Absences

Please call or email every day if your child will be out of school. Our office team contacts parents of absent students daily to confirm absences for safety purposes first. An absent student may be a missing student until we confirm the absence with you.

Call our main line at 916-979-8076 and press 1 to leave a message for our absence line, or 3 to speak to an office staff member. Or, email: 

Parents are only allowed 10 parent verified illness days a year. 10 absences over a year is approximately 6% of the school year. Students who are absent 10% of the school year are considered "Chronically Absent" and at risk of struggling in school due to lost learning time. Please remember to only excuse for illness and to get a doctor's or dentist's note with the dates of any medical visit to avoid using your parent verified illness days.

Most importantly, for safety purposes, please call or email us when your child is absent so we can verify they are not at school. Your communication is very important and we appreciate the time it saves us having to call parents.

And, please remember that instructional time with our teaching staff is valuable! It is hard to make up missed work, connect with peers, and settle into school when a child is absent often. If you have concerns or challenges with bringing your child to school on time routinely, please reach out to your child's teacher or to our principal, Mrs. Shelton, to problem solve together. We are here to support you and your student!

Thank you!